Working with Practical Components, 鼎博体育 can reduce costs by up to 80% of using real Components

Mechanical samples are non-electrical functional packages and will not be used for the first reliability test。Practical Components supports our mechanical sample program and offers lead free or green packages using a variety of qualified surface materials such as tin-lead alloy, 100% mist tin and low temperature solder paste。Tin bead alloys are available in 63/37 SNPB, SAC105, SAC125Ni, SAC305, and SAC405。

Components are Daisy chain series, convenient for customers to check continuity, and assembled with imitation chips (to mimic real life packaging), so as to carry out CTE (Coefficient of expansion) test。

Practical Components offers a variety of imitation/mechanical packages

  • Cascade encapsulation (PoP, PSvfBGA)
  • 4 mm pitch eWLP test wafer
  • .3 mm pitch CVBGA
  • CSPnl .4 mm pitch (RDL)
  • Substrate Grid array (LGA)

Interested in buying machine samples?

Please visit the practicalcomponents.Or Deanne Guzman at dguzman@practicalcomponents.Com,
Or call (714) 252-0010。