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鼎博体育 Technology lays the foundation for cutting-edge electronics through assembly and test services。As the industry changes dramatically, the demand for our business continues to grow。We believe that our future development depends on our ability to retain first-class employees with excellent abilities。鼎博体育 is looking for candidates who can contribute to the company's continuous development and personal growth。

鼎博体育 is an equal employment opportunity employer。

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We provide

Overtime pay

Commuting allowance

Family allowances

Jingbin Industrial Zone work allowance

Prize money: twice a year

Working time: 8:00-17:00, 8:15-17:15 (8 hours), flexible working time system

Festivals and holidays: 115 days per year

Medical insurance

Benefit pension

Employment insurance

Employee accident insurance

Staff dormitory

Retirement benefits

The cafeteria

Asset accumulation savings

Blessing/condolence money

New employee training