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鼎博体育 Technology Korea offers a wide range of advanced packaging and testing services. Our R&D center is also located here。We are always looking for future technology leaders。We are looking for dynamic professionals who combine vision, collaboration, creativity and experience。Our main goal is to contribute, grow, and share joy with our customers, our company, and our employees with our collective intelligence and ability。鼎博体育 Technology's mission is to be the world's leading semiconductor packaging and testing services company through superior customer satisfaction, advanced Technology and financial performance。

鼎博体育 offers equal employment opportunities

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Show your unique passion and challenge spirit and explore the endless possibilities of developing your career in 鼎博体育 Korea。If you are ready to use your skills, 鼎博体育 is always open to you。

We provide

Salary and benefits -- 鼎博体育 Korea offers performance rewards to all our employees on a performance-based basis. We also offer different pay packages according to their achievements, in accordance with a fair and reasonable pay policy。

The salary system -- Employees can receive a reasonable salary based on the performance of the annual salary system。Employees in the production department are paid according to the seniority pay system, that is, they are paid according to the number of years they have worked with the company。

Performance Incentive System (PI) -- We will pay performance bonus to employees once a year according to the achievement of the annual gross margin target。

Individual reward system -- 鼎博体育 Korea has established a performance-based pay system where employees are recognized and compensated for their personal achievements。Our corporate value values talent and rewards individuals based on their ability and contribution to the company。

假期 -- In addition to official holidays, 鼎博体育 Korea provides paid leave for employees to achieve a work-life balance。Our employees are entitled to four days of paid summer vacation。

Know 鼎博体育

Technical Team (R&D)

鼎博体育 Korea conducts research and develops the latest semiconductor trends in order to develop processes/materials that can meet various customer needs。To do this, we need a positive attitude that allows us to work in an organized way with relevant departments, customers and partners to understand the dynamics of the industry。If you are creative and enterprising and have professional skills, please contact 鼎博体育。

Customer Satisfaction Department

鼎博体育 Korea works with customers of multinational companies to meet various needs in real time。The head of the Customer satisfaction department is responsible for communicating the voice of the customer to our factory and carrying out two-way communication。If you want to feel the importance of customer satisfaction and help us provide advanced technology to the world's leading enterprises, then you can consider becoming a new employee of 鼎博体育 Korea。

ATI dispatcher

The overseas representative acts as a bridge between the headquarters and the production site, assisting in efficient business processes。An ATI dispatcher needs to understand the various cultures and different lifestyles, as well as management activities at 鼎博体育 headquarters。If you are passionate about your field and not afraid to face new challenges, this job with a global perspective is always open to you。

Process engineer

The task of overseas dispatch process engineers is not limited to supporting the core technology in their field, they also need to adapt to the local environment。This position requires the ability to integrate with relevant culture and understanding concepts and work with engineers in China and other countries to improve the efficiency of local staff as much as possible。If you want to become an engineer in 鼎博体育 Korea, you can apply now。

Technical research center

Technical research center staff need to coordinate packaging management, material development efficiency and global engineer collaboration。If you enjoy material design and semiconductor package reliability research, and would like to collaborate with others, please consult information related to this career opportunity。