From legacy devices to future system-level packaging solutions

鼎博体育 offers more than 3,000 package formats and sizes to meet the diverse needs of the world's leading semiconductor manufacturers。Our packages are suitable for a variety of applications, from conventional through holes to surface adhesivesLead frame IC, to multi-pin and high-density applications, for example,Stack chipsWafer levelMEMS光学Flip chip, silicon through hole (TSV) 和 3 d packaging等。

With this wide range of products and services, 鼎博体育 has become a one-stop solution provider for all of our customers' IC packaging needs。

The laminate

The high power and high speed IC requires the more efficient and optimized 鼎博体育 laminate package technology provides电气And thermal performance。

Pin framework

Pin frame encapsulation has long been the industry standard。鼎博体育 has two of the most popular traditional pin frame minute types: Small Form factor integrated circuit (SOIC) and Quadrangle flat Package (QFP), often referred to as "two side" and "four side" products。

The power of discrete

Let 鼎博体育 bring more than 40 years of experience in discrete power packaging to your application。We are from汽车通讯工业And other markets to provide services。

Wafer level packaging

To enhance the bandwidth, speed and reliability of our customers' solutions, 鼎博体育 offers a wide range of wafer level package styling specifications。Our facilities are strategically located close to founds to help us reduce lead time and risk。

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