Ideal solution for high performance applications

High power and high speed ics require more efficient, optimized electrical and thermal performance provided by 鼎博体育 laminate packaging technology。

Laminated packaging uses BGA design, which is inLead frameA plastic or soft laminate is placed on top of the substrate and electrical connections are placed at the bottom of the package rather than around it。

Convex blocks uniformly distributed at the bottom of the substrate provide electrical connections to the system board。This BGA format reduces resistance and inductance and increases the number of interconnections compared to the pin frame package。

Laminate packaging is ideal for high-performance applications such as gate array circuits, microprocessors/controllers, memory, chipsets, analog circuits, flash memory, SRAM, DRAM, ASICS, DSPs, RF devices and PLDS。


Designed to meet low cost, minimal space and high performance requirements


Flexible design for a variety of terminal applications


Optimizing electrical performance is the key to small packages

FlipStack® CSP

Stack complex devices to meet various design requirements

Dielectric layer PoP

Flexible and cost effective platform for EMS and OEMS


Optimized performance, portability, and styling specifications

Stacked CSP

High level integration for a variety of design requirements

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