Improve electrical performance and IC function

鼎博体育's flip chip BGA (FCBGA) packages are advanced single-device laminates or ceramic substrates。FCBGA substrate utilizes multiple high-density wiring layers, laser blind holes, buried holes and stacked holes, and ultra-bar distance metallization to achieve the highest wiring density。FCBGA packages maximize electrical performance by combining flip chip interconnects with ultra-advanced substrate technology。After determining the electrical properties, the design flexibility afforded by flip chips will also increase the options for final package designs。鼎博体育 offers FCBGA packages in a wide range of product formats to meet the needs of a wide range of end applications。

Technical Solutions

  •  基板
    • 4-18 Laminated substrate
    • High CTE ceramic
    • 无核
  • A convex block types
  • Encapsulation format
    • 裸晶
    • 有盖


  • Grain size up to 31 mm
  • From 10 mm to 67 mm.5 mm package size (85 mm under development)
  • 0.4 毫米、0.5 毫米、0.65 毫米、0.8 mm and 1.0 mm pitch BGA
  • 90 µm minimum array bump pitch
  • <90 µm 最小外围凸块节距

Other encapsulation options

  • Wafer node ≥7 nm has been compliant, and is applying for compliance qualification for 5 nm
  • Top and bottom SMT components
  • Multigrain module
  • The memory elements are sealed at the top
  • A variety of optional cover materials
  • Ground cover
  • BGA size can be customized

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