Suitable for high density, complex stacking combination of innovative appearance modeling specification solutions

FlipStack® The CSP series utilizes 鼎博体育's industry-leading ChipArray® BGA (CABGA), and 鼎博体育's flip chip CSP (fcCSP) 技术。 This kind of mass production infrastructure allows for the rapid deployment of the latest in multiple products and plantsThe chip stackTechnology, thus minimizing the total cost。FlipStack CSP technology enables the stacking of a variety of different semiconductor components, enabling the high level of silicon integration and area efficiency required for portable multimedia products。Many customers trust 鼎博体育 to help them overcome the challenges of maximum density and most complex device stack combinations。

FlipStack CSP technology enables smaller, lighter and more innovative new product appearance specifications at a lower cost。This solution meets a range of design requirements, enabling a variety of applications, including: portable devices (tablets, smartphones and digital cameras)。Others include games,汽车计算工业Application etc.。


  • Package height reduced to 0.6 毫米
  • Design, assemble and test capabilities for stacking combinations of memory, logic and mixed-signal type devices
  • Build package infrastructure with standard CABGA and fcCSP area
  • Consistently high yield and reliable product performance

  • Grain hanging wire
  • Wire arc less than 40 microns
  • Lead free, RoHS compliant green material
  • Passive component integration
  • JEDEC standard shapes include MO-192, MO-195, MO-216, MO-219 and MO-298

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