Stack technology to achieve rapid deployment

The stacked CSP series utilizes 鼎博体育's industry-leading ChipArray® Ball grid array (CABGA) manufacturing capacity。This large-scale, high-volume manufacturing capability enables multiple products and multiple plants to rapidly deploy the latest chip stacking technology to minimize total costs。

Customers trust 鼎博体育 to help them overcome the combination challenges of the most complex and dense device stacks。鼎博体育 has thus established industry leadership in pure memory, mixed signal and logic + memory device stacking, including NAND, NOR and DRAM memory, digital baseband or application processor + high density flash or mobile DRAM devices。The designers hope to achieve a high level of integration with stacked CSP technology and reduce the size and cost of future chipset combinations。

Stacked CSPS are the best solution for a number of design requirements, including:

  • Larger memory capacity and more efficient memory structure
  • Smaller, lighter, and more innovative new product appearance specifications
  • Lower cost, more space saving


  • 2-21 mm package sizes
  • Package height reduced to 0.5 mm
  • High chip quantity pure memory, eMMC, eMCP and MCP
  • 设计, encapsulation, and测试Ability to implement DRAM and logic or flash chip stacking
  • Logical/flash, digital/analog, and other ASIC/ memory combinations for 320 and more I/ OS
  • Build package infrastructure with standard CABGA area
  • JEDEC standard shapes, including MO-192 and MO-219

  • Consistent product performance, high yield and reliability
  • DA film and liner technology, FoW and FoD
  • Extended grain suspension wire
  • Wire arc less than 35 microns
  • Wafer thinning/wafer processing to 25 microns
  • Vacuum transfer and compression molding
  • Lead free, RoHS compliant green material
  • Passive component integration

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