Low cost thermal performance optimized package

鼎博体育's PLCC (Plastic pin chip Carrier) package products contain the full range of industry options, including 20 to 84 pin square package and 32 pin rectangular package formats。Today, the use of RoHS compliant lead-free, green materials has become the standard for 鼎博体育 packaging。鼎博体育's PLCC product range is tailored to meet JEDEC requirements for "J" pin surface mount。This package is suitable for a variety of device types, including microcontrollers, ASics, power controllers, etc。Typical applications include consumer and industrial products。


  • Seal size from 0.352” x 0.352” 至 1.152” x 1.152”
  • 20-84 pin counts
  • Conform to JEDEC standard shape
  • Section distance wire function

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