Lightweight, thin packaging solutions

鼎博体育 offers a wide range of TQFP (thin Square flat) IC packages。This type of packaging enables IC package engineers, component spec setters and system designers to solve problems including increased motherboard density, reduced chip pitch, thinner final products and optimized portability。鼎博体育's TQFP is the ideal package for most IC semiconductor technologies, such as ASics, gate arrays (FPGA/PLD), microcontrollers, and PMIC controllers。TQFP packages are especially suitable for electronic system applications that require a variety of performance characteristics, including computing, video/audio, telecommunications, data acquisition, communication board (Ethernet, ISDN, etc.), set-top boxes, and automotive applications。


  • 5 x 5 mm to 20 x 20 mm package sizes, 1.0 mm package thickness
  • 32-176 pin numbers
  • Large number of grain plate size options
  • Precoated framework
  • Support the inverted plate configuration
  • Custom pin frame design
  • Copper, gold and silver wire options
  • Lead-free and RoHS compliant materials

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