Electrical and thermal performance optimized power package

PowerCSP ™ is a chip - level power transistor package。It has a simple construction, excellent electrical and thermal performance, and a high-density appearance specification that can overcome the challenges of discrete or integrated packaging。

Features of the package:

  • 30-70% of sealed products contain a high proportion of conductive materials
  • Compatible with CMOS, gallium nitride and silicon carbide
  • Custom and standard pin layouts in double-sided power packages
  • Connect the source and drain terminals directly to the PCB
  • Integrated power component
  • Lower resistance (Rds) and inductance (Lds) than other discrete packages, and superior capacitance (Ciss) performance
  • Reduced thermal and electrical interfaces
  • Reduced appearance specifications, On-chip packaging (CSP)

New development

  • Eliminates lossy interfaces compared to traditional discrete packaging
  • Maximize the connection area of source and drain
  • Simple package structure eliminates clamping and wiring for direct source/drain/gate connection


PowerCSP ™ is designed for power applications and is designed for low on-resistance
And high speed switching MOSFET, for example:

  • Dc to DC conversion
  • Electric and hybrid electric vehicles
  • Telecom/data center


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