Optimization of heat dissipation efficiency with copper sheet structure

鼎博体育's TO-220FP is a fully enclosed power discrete package in the TO-220 series, which reduces the mount height of traditional TO-220NIS packages by 2. 5% by using copper sheet construction.8 mm, thus optimizing the heat dissipation efficiency。

鼎博体育's TO-220FP package is suitable for medium and high voltage MOSFETs and IGBTs with switching power supplies, AC adapters, motor drives and flat panel displays。New technologies developed include larger/higher density pin frame strips and environmentally friendly lead-free solder pastes。


  • Copper connector construction to reduce inductance and resistance
  • Reduce the mount and package height of standard TO-220NIS by 2.8 毫米
  • From wafer probe to testing and packaging one-stop service
  • Green materials: lead free plating and halogen free molding compounds

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