Small, optimized thermal performance solutions for medium voltage power applications

鼎博体育's Tson8-FL (flat pin) is smaller (3.3 x 3.3 mm), optimized thermal performance of the package, with standard SOIC Compared to the 8-pin package, it has 64 percent less area but provides the same maximum allowable power consumption capacity。

鼎博体育's TSon8-FL package is suitable for medium voltage power applications such as battery protection circuits, PCS, portable electronics and DC-DC converters。Newly developed technologies include dual-exposed pads that optimize thermal performance, thin wafer pads that shorten cut spacing, larger/higher density pin frame strips and environmentally friendly lead-free pastes。The package is also known as TSON-ADV, PowerFLAT 3.3 x 3.3, TSDSON, miniHVSON, PowerPAK 1212-8 or JEDEC MO240 BA。


  • Double copper interconnection to improve heat dissipation efficiency
  • Aluminum strip and aluminum wire are available
  • From wafer probe to testing and packaging one-stop service
  • Green materials: lead free plating and halogen free molding compounds

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