Smaller, thinner and lighter packaging solutions

Wafer level packaging uses a process similar to front-end wafer processing。Batch processing, in which all components are efficiently processed simultaneously in a large wafer format, is one of its advantages。

The current "beyond Moore's Law" trend involves heterogeneous integration of different components at the package level and embedded technologies。To integrate more functions into the system, it is necessary to reduce the appearance size and increase the amount of I/O。Fan-out WLP can overcome such challenges。It realizes wafer level system integration with the highest integration density。

鼎博体育 is licensed to fan-out WLP technology eWLB (Embedded Wafer Level Ball Grid Array) and is one of the main drivers of this new packaging technology platform。Through collaboration with its partners, 鼎博体育 has developed a 300 mm recombination wafer solution and put the technology into use in high volume manufacturing。As of today, more than 2 billion eWLB components have been shipped。


WLFO enables flexible system-level packaging (WLSiP) and heterogeneous integrated packaging solutions in 2D (side-by-side) and 3D architecture (WL3D)。Shorter, more accurate interconnections, and the reduction of layers of material, especially for UHF applications, result in superior electrical and thermal performance。WLFO is a RoHS and REACH compliant packaging technology。

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