Tailored for a variety of embedded packages

鼎博体育 Technology is one of the first companies in the world to offer wafer level fan-out (WLFO) packages,Provide a variety of embedded heterogeneous system integration package solutions,These include: Wafer-level System-level Packaging (WLSiP),Single or multi-chip,Stack Solutions for Passive Component or Sensor Integration and 3D Packaging (WL3D),Including wafer - level laminated packaging and face - to - face packaging, etc。

Customizing the best solution requires a deep understanding of the customer's needs。鼎博体育's packaging solutions are developed by multiple teams, which often include collaboration in the earliest stages of co-design of chip packaging circuit boards。鼎博体育 is known for its expertise in advanced packaging and its ability to mass-produce innovative solutions, including the largest reliable WLCSP to date。


  • WLSiP Side-by-side Multi-chip Module (MCM)
  • WLSiP integrates with passive components and pin less packages
  • WLSiP product portfolio configuration from 2 x 3 mm2(2 components) to 33 x 28 mm2(10 components)
  • WL3D layered packaging by using package Through-hole (TPV) stacked WLSiP and other package types (PoP)
  • Through the F2FFlip chipAssembled into WLFO Encapsulation enables 3D integration



  • Mobile and consumer products, baseband, RF/ wireless, analog, power management
  • ASIC,MEMS, sensors for medical, security, encryption, DC/DC converters, radar and automotive system solutions
  • Optoelectronic WLSiP for M2M communication and Internet of Things (IoT)
  • We will continue to expand the application of technology platforms

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