Meet the demand of high performance and low energy consumption

Silicon through-hole (TSV) interconnects to accommodate various 2.5D TSV and 3D TSV were born to encapsulate applications and architectures that need to deliver extremely high performance and functionality with minimal power consumption/performance metrics。In the 2.The use of TSV within 5D/3D TSV architecture is possible, and we have developed a variety of back-end technology platforms to enable high-volume processing and assembly of TSV wafers。鼎博体育's TSV process starts with 300mm wafers that already have TSV holes。Our wafer fabrication process thinns the wafers and then metallizes the back side (BS) to complete the TSV interconnect。The silicon through hole exposure and back metallization process is commonly referred to as the mid-course process (MEOL)。

鼎博体育's MEOL manufacturing tools and processes include:

  • Wafer support for welding and dissoldering
  • TSV wafer thinning
  • TSV exposed and CMP
  • Wafer back side passivated
  • Dielectric layer The copper rewiring layer required on the back of a wafer
  • Microcolumn lead-free plating and C4 interconnect
  • Wafer level probe

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