Create highly integrated products with smaller packages and enhanced functionality

As awareness of complete system configuration continues to grow and system-level packaging (SiP) solutions become more prevalent, the semiconductor industry demands higher levels of integration at lower costs。鼎博体育's SiP technology is the ideal solution for markets that require smaller sizes and greater functionality。鼎博体育 Technology has proven itself to be an industry leader in SiP design, packaging and testing by packaging, testing and delivering millions of SiP products every day。

鼎博体育's Baseboard BASED SiP Technology Center of Excellence is located at our largest ATK4 manufacturing facility in Gwangju, Korea。With its high volume manufacturing capabilities, the ATK4 plant can manufacture large volumes with very high yields in very short production cycles。

鼎博体育 Technology defines advanced SiP as a package that integrates multiple components and multifunctional products。They require 鼎博体育's powerful high-precision packaging technology。

  • Size smaller
  • Ultra-thin encapsulation
  • Thin substrate with and without core material with smaller line width and line spacing
  • Conformal and zoned shielding
  • Reduce the size of the filler for the molded bottom filling
  • fine-pitchFlip chip铜柱
  • Double packaging
  • Test developmentAnd production testing
  • One-stop solution

System-level packaging integrates several advanced packaging technologies to create a customized solution for each final application。Laminate BASED SiP technology is a pioneer and the hottest SiP solution in cellular networking, IoT, power, automotive, networking and computing system integration。

Existing markets for SiP adoption include:

  • RF and wireless devices
    Power amplifiers, front-end modules, antenna switches, GPS/GNSS modules, cellular handsets and cellular infrastructure, Bluetooth® Solutions, 5G NR andIn-package antenna (AiP)
  • Wearable iot and machine (M2M) iot
    Connectivity,MEMS, microcontroller, memory, antenna, PMIC and other mixed mode devices
  • Automobile application
    Infotainment and sensor modules

  • Power supply module
    DC/DC converter, LDO, battery management and others
  • Logical, analog, and mixed mode technologies
    Tablets, PCS, screens and audio
  • Computing and Networking
    5G networks and modems, data centers, storage and SSDS
  • We will continue to expand the application of technology platforms

In-package Antenna (AiP)/ On-Package antenna (AoP)
(5G NR) SiP solution

The millimeter-wave (mmWave) radio design, which uses bunting and array antennas, will be used in a variety of advanced SiP products for 5G cellular network systems。Millimeter electromagnetic wave design presents new challenges to system designers and component and SiP package engineers。

Antenna in package AiP

Key 鼎博体育 packaging technologies for AiP/AoP

  • Reach more than 26 GHz
  • Blocks shielding
  • Partial (selective) conformal shielding
  • Part of the molding
  • Package size: Max. 23.0 mm x 6.0 mm
  • Number of substrate layers: up to 14 layers
  • Low loss and low dielectric substrate

DSMBGA (Double Sided Molded Ball Grid Array)

To further optimize the integration and robustness of the RFFE solution, 鼎博体育 has developed a double-sided molded Ball Grid Array (DSMBGA) package that allows component molding on both sides of the substrate。

DSMBGA鼎博体育's DSMBGA key packaging technology

  • Improve RFFE module integration and greatly shorten the packaging height
  • Allows integration of antenna tuners and passive components
  • Optimize signal integrity and reduce loss
  • Conformal and zoned shielding for EMI isolation
  • Single column RF test

下载 DSMBGA data table

DSMBGA SiP cross section

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